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Why use a buying agent

The buyer is not the estate agent's priority. His priority is to maximize the sale value of the home for his client (the vendor).

The estate agent's remit is to sell the home to the highest bidder to the satisfaction of his client's criteria and he will undoubtedly play one buyer off against another.

Let's be honest, estate agents haven't got the greatest reputation when it comes to transparency and customer service.

That is the reason a buyer needs a dedicated team working exclusively on his behalf.

It is not in the estate agent's interest to be completely open with any particular buyer and withholding vital information will suit the estate agent's end objective, achieving the highest bids possible.

Our role:-


  • Reveal the vendor's true selling motives.
  • Uncover the vendor's time constraints.
  • Get a feel for the Vendor's "tipping point" on the sale price.
  • Take a view on the validity of other interested parties.
  • Give a current market appraisal.
  • Advise you on an offer strategy.
  • Present the offer/s and handle the negotiation process.

A buying agent will minimise the stress and emotion of buying your home. He will be expert at closing negotiations to the satisfaction of both seller & buyer. He definitely won't be intimidated by Estate agents practices!

Let Indigo12 be your buying partner.



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