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Save £100,000

How can a £30,000 reduction in the asking price, mean a £100,000 saving for you?

Suppose Indigo 12 negotiate the asking price down from £600,000 to £570,000 meaning a £30,000 saving for the buyer.

As well as the initial saving, the buyer will save £26,250/- in interest payments alone*

Based on a 25 year interest only mortgage @ 3.5%.

The buyer will also save stamp duty of £1,200 (£30,000 @ 4%).

Total net saving could be £57,450

To put that saving into perspective the buyer would need gross PAYE earnings of circa £112,000 to reach the same net figure of £57,450.

That's why it is so important to buy at the right price.

Loan Repayments Graph - Source HSBC£600,000 Advertised Price for Property
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