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Indigo 12 Fees

Indigo 12 works on a success-fee model and offers two services;


1. Price Negotiation. For property you have identified where you want us to negotiate the purchase price, you pay a refundable registration fee of £400.00. Once the offer is accepted by the seller (and contracts are exchanged, ) our fee is 10% of the negotiated saving.
2. Search & Negotiation. Where Indigo12 find the property you wish to buy and negotiate the purchase, a fee of 1% of the purchase price is applied or 10% or the saving, whichever is greater.

Here is an example;

House marketed by agents at £600,000/-House marketed by agents at £600,000
Indigo 12 negotiate the price down to £570,000/-/-Indigo 12 negotiate the price down to £570,000
Buyer saves £30,000 Indigo 12 fee = £3,000Buyer saves £30,000/- Buyer saves £30,000 Indigo 12 fee = £3,000and Indigo 12 fee = £3,000

A typical brief you can give us when we meet;

  • We meet with you to discuss the property you have indentified to purchase.
  • We shall discuss your current status and will then advise on the best way forward.
  • We then carry out our own market appraisal on the value of the property.
  • We meet with the estate agent/vendor and discuss the potential purchase.
  • We then discuss with you an offer strategy and present the offer/s to the estate agent/vendor.

Please call us on 01273 386216 to find out more.

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